We are in 2196, your people just discovered an alien artifact allows both to travel through the different worlds of the universe...
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Server Migration!
25. May 2015, 01:04:19
Server migration was successful, we ran into a few unexpected problems but have got them addressed and ready to get back underway.

Happy Memorial day to all out soldiers who have served and are still serving!

Thank you for all your patients with this server migration.
Dark-Horizons Team
Written by: admin
Back Online!!!
20. May 2015, 00:43:47
Hello space cadets!
Sorry for the inconvenience yet again we had to totally restart the server and start fresh again. There has been a few more options added into the game now and quite a few errors fixed!

Please use Redeem Code: Beta
Bet will run till June 6th 2015!

Thank you again for your continued patients!
Dark-Horizons Team
Written by: admin
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